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Eurosatory 2008: Pakistan Ordnance and Nexter conclude LU211 accord

Denise Hammick JDW Europe Editor - Paris

Pakistan Ordnance Factories and Nexter Munitions signed a licence agreement for the local production of LU211 high-explosive (HE) artillery ammunition for the Pakistan armed forces on 17 June at Eurosatory in Paris.

The agreement is for the technology transfer of this ammunition and the delivery of 15,000 shell component kits. Five thousand will be delivered as part of the first phase, which is due to start in 18 months, and the remaining 10,000 will be made in Pakistan with Nexter only providing key components, said Pascal Ducasse, director general of Nexter Munitions.

The deal is the first technology transfer for the new generation of artillery shell, which follows a request from the Pakistani armed forces for long-range ammunition. The LU211 modular explosive shell can engage targets at a range of 40 km with 155 mm/52 calibre guns. It contains insensitive munitions and has two versions - the hollow base, and base bleed or extended-range version - both of which will be exported to Pakistan.

Nexter has so far delivered 25,000 rounds of the munition to the French Army, said Raymond Mesnil, who is responsible for artillery munitions at Nexter. The company is waiting for another order, Mesnil said, which he anticipated would be placed during 2009.

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Hmmm... the same company indicated interest in bidding for India's SP requirement a day or so ago.

Gotta love the French - sell and ToT to anyone!

The French have been Pakistani allies and defended us in number of occasions in the past, though I heard the aircraft sale to India and other ordnance I see they have started to shift slightly away from Pakistan, back in, I thing 1974 they offered us an Aircraft carrier, the French also offered the same deal to our ally China, that was the golden era. The French designed our first Nuclear power station, I think the GoP should consider engaging France to invest in Pakistan, and attract them to Pakistan before it is too late.


Écrit par : E-fred | 04/12/2008

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