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Road to Serfdom 4


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A state controlled economic system:
The salesman asks his audience to make this pledge: "I hereby turn over to Ism, Incorporated, everything I have, including my freedom, and the freedom of my children, and my children's children, in return for which said Ism promises to take care of me forever." This doesn't scare them. So onlooker "John Q. Public" urges them to get better acquainted with the enemy.
"Before signing up, you boys ought to try a little taste of Dr. Ism's formula to see what you'd get in exchange for your 'freedom.' Go ahead! Try it." They drink and are plunged into a totalitarian dream. Clamped inside the State's iron fist, the worker cannot strike and is no longer protected by his union. The manufacturer is now irrelevant. "No more private property. No more you!" the State says to manufacturer, kicking him out onto the street. The farmer is controlled through a central production plan and turned into an industrialized employee of the state. One courageous politician speaks up for freedom, but is quickly brainwashed, becoming "State Propaganda speaker 3120," a phonograph where his head should be, saying "Everything is fine!" over and over again.

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