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Camp action Climat à Londres - Climate Camp London


Climate Camp hits London: live

Climate Camp descends on London today with the police promising to take a low-key approach to the climate change protests to avoid the trouble that flared during the G20 summit. Follow live updates from our reporting team as they follow developments across the city.

Camp for Climate Action:

Climate change protesters climb a steel frame at the entrance to a Climate Camp set up on Blackheath on August 26, 2009 in London. Photograph: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

11.01am: Climate Camp hits London today for the start of a week of protests against the industries and government departments they believe are damaging the environment.

The location of the new camp will not be announced by demonstrators until noon when a text message will be sent to campers revealing where the direct action will be staged. Protesters will make their way there from 7 assembly points or "swoops" – under Waterloo Bridge; outside BP headquarters in St James's Square; Bank of England, Threadneedle Street; Stratford Tube; Rio Tinto offices, Aldermanbury Square; and Stockwell Tube.

Our reporting team, Paul Lewis, Peter Walker and Bibi van der Zee, will be joining the protesters as they march to the main camp. You can follow updates from them here and on this live Twitter feed. If you're taking part and have updates or photos you want to share you can also contact me on david.batty@guardian.co.uk or on Twitter. The Guardian also has a Climate Camp Flickr gallery where you can post photos online.

The London Climate Camp follows earlier protests at the Drax power station in West Yorkshire, Heathrow airport - against the proposed third runway, the Kingsnorth power station in Kent, and the G20 summit.

Previous protests were marred by heavy-handed policing, with campers beaten and forcibly detained - 'kettled' - by officers. One of the assembly points for today's action - Threadneedle Street - was chosen in honour of Ian Tomlinson, who died after being struck by a police officer in the G20 protests in April. Senior Metropolitan Police officers have promised "neighbourhood-style" policing, with fewer stop and searches and "no ring of steel". But the Met has said all protesters attending the demonstrations today will be photographed.


Comme à Strasbourg en avril 2009 !!!

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