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In search of the Black Block,désespérement...ou comment prendre de l'argent sans rien expliquer des luttes et des mouvements spontanés


In 2001, I was fascinated by the events in Genoa. The fierce street battles, the mysterious Black Block and the tragic dead of Carlo G. The image of a masked girl coming out of a cloud of teargas, protecting her small camera for the charching police.

So I went with an old camera and no photo experience to the next demo, and the next, and the next...Before I knew it, I was spending all my cash travelling around Europe. Hooked on a special mix of fear and adrenaline. Never satisfied about my pictures.Running, stumbling for that one great shot, which goes beyond the myths and controversy.

Protecting my small camera for the charching police...


Toi aussi fait ton album pour faire du fric...sous n'importe quel prétexte....soi un rebel esthétique...vends ton image et celle de tes camarades...


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