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EUROPOL - rapport TE-SAT 2010 - Cognin et Poitiers : la fabrique de toto


COGNIN cité dans le rapport TE-SAT 2010


page 34 :

- In France, one left-wing activist was killed and another one severely injured while handling sodium chlorate to manufacture an IED in a disused factory. A total of four people were arrested during the investigation.


Totalement faux



Cognin - Tarnac ou comment justifier la pérennité de la section antiterroriste ?


L'explosion mortelle de Cognin n'était pas une affaire de terrorisme


L'explosion mortelle de Cognin n'est pas le résultat d'une erreur de manipulation d'apprentis terroristes.
Ce sont des experts qui le disent. Quatorze mois après avoir été saisi de l'enquête, le juge d'instruction du pôle antiterroriste de Paris vient, avec un avis favorable du parquet, de renvoyer l'affaire à Chambéry, en se déclarant "incompétent" par ordonnance, il y a quelques jours.
Il appartient maintenant au procureur général, ici, de désigner un nouveau juge d'instruction. Pour rechercher dans le registre du droit commun, entre la manipulation de produits explosifs et les causes de l'accident, si des infractions peuvent être reprochées aux jeunes mis en cause.


page 35 :

- Most actions by anarchist extremists are unprepared, impulsive acts committed by small groups. However, violent incidents in the French city of Poitiers on 10 October 2009 [surlignage Probe] showed that these groups are also capable of leading quick and violent actions of street rioting, thereby targeting the law enforcement authority and properties representing governmental and economical power. Similar tactics were observed in Belgium in two attacks against business interests. The French and Belgian cases appear to contradict the generally acknowledged impulsive nature of anarchist activities, in that they appear to have been well prepared in advance and organised down to the minutest details of their execution.

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La police détruit un café à Exarcheia - 05/05/2010

War-Zone Athens: three people dead, many buildings burning as general strike march turns into a battle

Three people have suffocated to death as a result of a fire in Marfin Bank during ongoing battles between anti-measure protesters and police in Athens.

The Athens protest march marking the zenith of the general strike called for the 5th of May was attended by an approximate 200,000 (20,000 which is the foreign broadcast number referring to the PAME march alone), although because of lack of media coverage due to the media participation in the general strike no concrete estimates can be made. After the PAME (Communist Party union) protesters left Syntagma square, the first lines of the main march started arriving before the Parliament with the first clashes erupting at the end of Stadiou street. The march then walked on the Unknown Soldier grounds leading the Presidential Guard to retreat, and attempted to storm the Parliament but was pushed back by riot police forces which today demonstrated a particularly staunch attitude and resolve against the demonstrators. Soon battles erupted around the Parliament with protesters throwing Molotov cocktails and rocks, with one riot police armored van torched, and the police responding by extended use of tear gas that soon made Athens’ atmosphere unbearably acrid. As more blocks reached Syntagma square, the battles spread across the city center and lasted for more than five hours.

During the clashes several state buildings were set ablaze including the County Headquarters of Attika. At the time of writing the Ministry of Finance is reported to be on fire, and vital tax documents as destroyed by the raging fire. However the strange thing is that it is the fourth floor of the building that is burning, at a height inapproachable to petrol bombs. The building is in danger of total collapse.

According to news reports that began at 14:00 Greek time after, under pressure by the events, most radio and TV stations decided to break their strike, claim that the fire at Marfin Bank’s Stadiou street branch that has led to the death of three workers (one a pregnant woman) was started by protesters. However this remains an unsubstantiated claim. A similar case three decades ago had originally put the blame for the fire at Kappa-Marousi building on Panepistimiou street, leading to the death of several people inside, to anarchists, while its was later proved the fire was caused by tear gas fired by the police.

A video of the fire-brigade trying to evacuate the building can be seen in http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8661385.stm

After the tragic death of the three workers made the round of Athens, new clashes started to spread in the Greek capital, with a large crowd gathered outside the burned bank when Marfin's boss tried to visit the site. Clashes broke out between the crowd and police when the former attacked the bank magnate accusing him of forcing the dead workers to scab on a general strike and locking them in the building despite them demanding to evacuate it since 12:00.

In Parliament the Communist Party of Greece has accused the government for the deaths, claiming it was a result of agents provocateur fascist groups. The claims of the Communist Party are based on the fact that 50 fascists tried to enter the PAME demo bearing the flags of the union earlier in the morning. The fascists were spotted, chased and sought refuge behind riot police lines. Accusing the extreme-right as being behind the deaths, the Coalition of Radical Left has declared in Parliament that the government cannot pretend to be in grief for the loss of life, as it has been attacking human life by all means possible.

Meanwhile, extended clashes broke out in Salonika where approximately 50,000 people marched destroying dozens of banks and corporate shops in Greece’s second largest city. Clashes with the police continued for several hours. According to news broadcasts anarchist have occupied the Labour Center of the city.

In Patras, around 20,000 protesters were joined by tractor drivers and garbage truck drivers on their vehicles, as flaming barricades were erected along central streets of the city and clashes developed between protestors and the police.

In Ioannina the protesters attacked banks and corporate shops leading to extended use of chemicals by the police. In Heraklion, 10,000 people are reported as marching against the measures. In Corfu, protesters taking part in the anti-measures march occupied the County Headquarters. Protesters have occupied the Administrative Headquarters of Naxos and the City Hall of Naoussa.

As a result of the Athens riots, the police have cordoned off the entire center of the city, erecting check points of entry and exit, while all police work permits have been recalled. At the time of writing battles continue to rage in the inner city, while news broadcasts claim the police is mobilising its forces to storm an anarchist squat in Exarcheia.

Article de Libcom.org - 05/05/2010

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