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Manif anti-fasciste a Codnor - Derbyshire "No Pasaran !"

We condemn the BNP’s festival of race hate

UPDATE From the Independent: BNP festival 'rallying point for neo-Nazis'

UAF statement condemning the BNP's "Red, White & Blue" event:
email unite@ucu.org.uk to add your name

The fascist British National Party plans to hold its annual "Red, White & Blue" rally in Derbyshire on 14-16 August. The BNP bills this event as a "patriotic family festival". The truth is very different. The event will be a rallying point for neo-Nazis and racists from across Europe.

Last year guests invited to the "Red, White & Blue" by the BNP included Petra Edelmannova, a Czech neo-Nazi who calls for a "final solution to the Gypsy issue". The BNP's deputy leader Simon Darby defended this rhetoric, saying "What's wrong with people who talk frankly about their problems?".

Other guests included Marc Abramsson, a Swedish fascist who campaigns for "racially pure kindergartens". This year's guests are likely to include representatives of Jobbik, a violently racist Hungarian party that organises pogroms against Roma people.

The purpose of the BNP's event is to build up a hardened neo-Nazi core at centre of the organisation. Student BNP members have been ordered to attend a lecture on "ethno-nationalist theory" during the rally. Previous "Red, White & Blue" rallies have involved SS marching music as "entertainment". BNP leader Nick Griffin is a Holocaust denier with a criminal conviction for incitement to racial hatred.

We are already witnessing a spate of racist attacks in areas of high BNP activity. The BNP's "Red, White & Blue" will only to encourage more bigotry and violence on our streets. We condemn the BNP and its festival of race hate, and we urge people to reject this party's poisonous and anti-democratic agenda.

Dr Abdul Bari, secretary-general, Muslim Council of Britain; Lee Barron, Midlands regional secretary, Communication Workers Union; Jerry Bartlett, deputy general secretary, NASUWT; Weyman Bennett, joint secretary, Unite Against Fascism; Christine Blower, general secretary, National Union of Teachers; Sabby Dhalu, joint secretary, Unite Against Fascism; Billy Hayes, general secretary, Communication Workers Union; Chris Kitchen, national secretary, National Union of Mineworkers; Ken Livingstone, chair, Unite Against Fascism; Michael Rosen, author and former Children's Laureate; Mark Serwotka, general secretary, Public & Commercial Services union; Mick Shaw, president, Fire Brigades Union; Wes Streeting, national president, National Union of Students; Matt Wrack, general secretary, Fire Brigades Union

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